Untitled Demo, 2014/2018. Two audio tracks, framed letters, ephemera. Dimensions variable.
“Untitled Demo” (originally recorded c. 2001) reactivates ephemera from childhood when I fantasized about becoming a pop star on MTV. When I was around ten years old, I taught myself how to use my brother's music software on our home computer to create demo recordings. With a hint of delusion, I sent typed letters and sharpie inscribed CDs to record labels like Virgin, Sony, and EMI. Characterized by unrelenting loops, rudimentary beats, and soft-spoken vocals, the songs sound like a cross between early industrial music and Kidz Bop. The playful immediacy of this gesture highlights the sharp contrasts between creative expression and the systems through which artists are threaded.

Untitled Demo, 2001/2014, framed letters sent to record labels, demo CD
Performance still, 2018