Mikey Foster Estes

Artist based in Phoenix, Arizona

The Beauty and Science of Color
September 2021
Group exhibition at Tempe Center for the Arts

January 2022
Solo exhibition at Eye Lounge



Spectrum Song, 2018
HD video installation with sound, 9:01 min.
Excerpt: Vimeo

Spectrum Song is a video installation that unfolds over the space of eight sequential macOS desktops, customized with background colors matching the original eight stripes of the LGBT flag. I think about the colors of the rainbow as a structure and a symbol, where images and videos specific to individual colors pop up on the projected screens, moving the viewer through the spectrum. The sequence builds slowly; images flicker, resize, and rearrange until the space of the image is zoomed in too far — resulting in the computer making the sound effect of the “bump.” The content that populates each color screen throughout the video is sourced from everyday life. Images that match each respective background color appear and disappear until the eight timelines sync together in unison, producing yet another rainbow within the rainbow configuration. As this visual cacophony subsides, the “song” tapers out with a video of iridescent rainbows in a pot of rice steaming on the stovetop. A short text follows, and the video ends and begins again.