Residue (2014)
ASU Step Gallery
Phoenix, AZ
Two-person exhibition with Kevin Moore centered on the notions of excess and residue. When I was ten years old, I would use my older brother’s software to create songs. I made demo CDs and sent them to major record labels, such as Virgin, Sony, and EMI. Though this gesture ultimately resulted in rejection and failure, it was embedded with immediacy and queer resilience. Approaching production and play synonymously, my works stage associations between everyday life, found objects, and popular culture.

Installation view, Residue (2014)Installation view, Residue (2014)Dear Diary, 2014, acrylic paint, dimensions variableI feel sorry for you, 2014, laser print on foam-core board, plastic sheetI AM A DELICATE FLOWER, 2014, hand-cut foam sheet, soilI'M A FAIRY, 2014, hand-cut foam sheet, flashlight, unicorn bookendInstallation view, Residue (2014)After Freddie, 2014, single-channel videoInstallation view, Untitled Demo (2001/2014) and Music Video (2001/2014)Untitled Demo, 2001/2014, framed letters sent to record labels, demo CD