Althea I-IV, 2022. Archival pigment print on backlight film, LEDs, modified artist frames. Each 9 x 12 x 1.5 inches.
In “Althea” (2022), I revisit a set of four portraits I made of my mother in her bedroom when I was a teenager. Taken during one of the few times I photographed her as herself (an occasion she didn't particularly enjoy), these highly saturated images represent her across a range of emotional tenors. The cross-processed negatives produce an unpredictable result characterized by dramatic shifts in color and a dreamlike quality. At once nostalgic and otherworldly, the images recast the familiarity of the domestic space into the realm of unease. This effect is further amplified by their display as illuminated transparencies, requiring the activation of LED lightboxes to reveal fully the details and colors.