Mikey Foster Estes

Artist based in Phoenix, Arizona

The Inside of Outside
March 19 - April 11, 2021
Group exhibition at eye lounge 

April 16 - May 9, 2021
Solo exhibition at eye lounge

The Beauty and Science of Color
September 2021
Group exhibition at Tempe Center for the Arts



Phone Call, 2020

Roadside Attraction
June - July 2020
Location: Tempe, AZ

Conceived of for “Roadside Attraction,” a multi-site, drive-by exhibition organized by ArtFarm/practical art at the height of COVID-19, Phone Call is a performance score that was presented discreetly on a residential street in Tempe, AZ. From the safety of their vehicle, participants could access the score and various other public artworks through Google Maps.

Living Room, 2020
livestreamed performance, 16:48 min.
Documentation of full performance: Vimeo

Living Room is a performance that considers the space of my living room as a two-dimensional grid on which a set of movements occur. The changing configurations of shaped silhouettes, which stand in for items of furniture and decor, are choreographed to represent distinct moments in time. A spoken text that ranges from matter-of-fact observations to autobiographical asides collapses poetry and list-making into a single stream of information.

This performance was conceived of for the nueBOX RE:volve series, “a laboratory performance experience that gives artists the opportunity to share their work in front of an intimate audience.” Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the work was ultimately reimagined as an livestream broadcasted from my kitchen table.

With all my love + guts, 2019
handmade greeting cards
dimensions variable

With all my love + guts displays a selection of greeting cards made for my mother over a nearly twenty-year period. The cards range from simple scribblings on copy paper to more elaborate and humorous interpretations of the form. The title is in reference to the signature line that appears on a birthday card made from an airplane barfbag — an item that had become part of a running joke between us when I would travel to and from NYC. Through fragments of diaristic information, the cards begin to generate a narrative portrait of our relationship to one another.

Spectrum Song, 2018
HD video installation with sound, 9:01 min.
Excerpt: Vimeo

Spectrum Song is a video installation that unfolds over the space of eight sequential macOS desktops, customized with background colors matching the original eight stripes of the LGBT flag. I think about the colors of the rainbow as a structure and a symbol, where images and videos specific to individual colors pop up on the projected screens, moving the viewer through the spectrum. The sequence builds slowly; images flicker, resize, and rearrange until the space of the image is zoomed in too far — resulting in the computer making the sound effect of the “bump.” The content that populates each color screen throughout the video is sourced from everyday life. Images that match each respective background color appear and disappear until the eight timelines sync together in unison, producing yet another rainbow within the rainbow configuration. As this visual cacophony subsides, the “song” tapers out with a video of iridescent rainbows in a pot of rice steaming on the stovetop. A short text follows, and the video ends and begins again.